Changing the way we talk to machines

VocalIQ introduces the world’s first self-learning dialog API - putting real, natural conversation between people and their devices.

Changing the way we talk to machines

VocalIQ introduces the world’s first self-learning dialog API - putting real, natural conversation between people and their devices.

An evolutionary, adaptive spoken dialogue system

Traditional spoken dialogue interfaces are handcrafted, fragile and frustrating. It is unrealistic to expect seven billion people to start talking to machines in a way mandated by a programmer. Dialog systems need to learn how people speak, and not the other way round.

Misunderstood commands and contextual ambiguities often leave users inconvenienced - that's why our technology which allows the apps to ask questions to the user till the uncertainty is clarified -bring real dialog capability between people and their machines.

Our intelligent dialogue API harnesses the power of more than 10 years of academic research in natural language, belief tracking, decision making and message generation. Re-imagining the way that people interact with their devices has application across different market verticals - with enormous potential to revolutionise our interaction with machines.

How does it work?

What are the advantages of using VocalIQ?

Our innovative technology delivers a huge range of benefits. Smart design decisions drive a robust, scalable architecture that is simple for developers to integrate into their products. Our stack provides the ability to prototype rapidly and extend the platform for any application.

Rapid Prototyping

Our robust, flexible design means that developers can prototype rapidly, receive feedback immediately and deploy instantly.

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Platform Architecture

Our architecture is an extensible, cloud-hosted, hybrid system that can be supplemented with new data and knowledge engines.

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Noise Robustness

Our advanced noise robustness systems ensure that all input is interpreted in the context of the dialog, dramatically improving performance.

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Learns through interaction

Our technology harnesses a body of deep research that drives the analysis of language, semantics and context.

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Mass-market application potential

Intelligent dialog systems have application across a huge number of markets. From smart-home and consumer technologies to mobile devices, wearable and automotive applications, our technology powers human computer interaction with natural, meaningful conversation.


Putting meaningful dialog interaction at the centre of the automotive experience has implications for road safety and driver convenience.

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The early stage of wearable technologies haven't unlocked their potential yet - and we're confident that dialog interaction is set to be a huge part of that.

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Smart homes

The connected home revolutionises the way we interact with our everyday devices. Dialog interaction is at the centre of communication with our home hardware.

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Smart devices

Smart devices have created an irreversible shift in the consumer computing landscape. Their huge potential and app markets mean they're natural partners with smart dialog engines.

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The growing presence of robotics in industry and society at large means that meaningful dialog interaction is core to removing the barrier to widespread adoption.

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Language learning

The world is more connected than ever before - and the challenge of removing language barriers is key to unlocking a truly global economy.

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